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At Addveritas, we deal in whistleblowing – the disclosure of wrongdoing.   Again and again, a succession of household names as diverse as international aid Charities, the NHS , the Banks, Manufacturers, Sports Governing Bodies and countless others have suffered reputational, operational and financial damage because senior management has either been unaware of or failed to act on allegations of wrongdoing.

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We Believe...


That whereas whistleblowers have traditionally been perceived as liabilities, properly treated, they can become highly valuable assets.  Creating the right procedures to capture whistleblowers’ concerns is not simply a matter of establishing a “hotline”, it requires a coherent series of measures designed to give confidence to employees to speak up without fear of retribution. 

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Your People are Your Best Source of Intelligence


Organisations currently invest heavily in areas such as cyber and insider-threat technology yet tend to miss the human factor.  For a fraction of the cost of such technology, a modern, comprehensive whistleblowing system will allow you to capture and learn from your own people’s unrivalled knowledge of your organisation.  

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Resolution Is Best For All


Your employees' needs are simple - to feel valued when they confide in you, feel that it is safe to do so and to be certain that if they Speak Up, something will be done.  But simple needs are often complex to meet.  Addveritas is able to explore the most sensitive issues and help you to resolve them effectively and sensitively.  We have deep expertise in Safeguarding and Ethics and in the culture of private and public organisations.

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They Will Tell You If They Trust You


If employees believe that they are safe to Speak Up and that you will act, they will first alert you to wrongdoing rather than Speak Out to the media and regulators.  Gaining the trust of your people will protect your business from reputational, operational and financial damage, substantially improve governance and enhance respect for your organisation in the community in which you operate. 

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Addveritas Has the Experience to Help


Establishing a system to ensure employees’ concerns are sensitively investigated and effectively addressed is not without challenge.  It requires robust, pragmatic procedures, well-trained staff and, critically, expertise.  


Addveritas is the only company which has that expertise.

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