On 23rd April, The EU Commission Announced a New Directive For the "Protection of the Whistleblower"

The EU Commission announced on Monday 23rd April that it would bring forward legislation for a directive on "Protection of Whistleblowers". A press release has been issued and is relatively detailed. It is clear that this directive is going to have a GDPR-like impact on business in the UK and Europe and those who operate in that marketplace.

Whatever you think of the EU these days (no letters, please!) there is no sign of their legislative ambitions abating.

This new Directive is yet more proof of Addveritas's constant assertion that the world has changed where transparency and wrongdoing are concerned.  We have advised the EU Justice Commission on how smaller firms can build practicable and appropriate systems at low cost and will stay engaged as the process advances.


So what are the headlines?  If you employ 50 people or more, have €10m turnover or higher, are a financial services company of any kind or are exposed to potential money laundering then you will be obliged to demonstrate a working policy and process for Speaking Up that meets the specifications in the Directive.


That seems to be pretty much everyone, then...

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