The Addveritas Health Check

From Just £850

Will your Speak Up / Whistleblowing system stand the test? 
Book a Health Check to see!:

Recent cases have shown that major household names have failed the test, even though they thought they were fire-proof.

If your people don't feel that your system is effective - that it will protect them and produce change - they will not use it and all your expenditure on it will be just wasted.


Prices Start at just £850

Can You Afford NOT to Know Where You Really Stand? 

Addveritas can conduct a rapid Health Check to diagnose your system to see if if you should be concerned,recommend action where weaknesses are identified and do so in days, not weeks or months. As subject matter experts on UK standards (via BSi) and international standards (via ISO) too, you will benefit from our knowledge of the very latest thinking on future regulation.  
We Will Provide:

A Report which will examine:

  • Your Policy

  • Your Procedures

  • Your Reporting Channels (hotlines, e-reporting, reliance on management).

  • Your Investigations Capability

  • Your Communications with Employees

  • Your Current Position with Respect to existing and future Standards / Laws

And Identify:
  • The Status, Red, Amber or Green, of the key areas of your Speak Up ecosystem

  • Recommendations for continuous improvement

  • A Heath Check Certification