Investigations are often a company's Achilles heel where whistleblowing is concerned.  Insensitive, clumsy or inexpert practices can completely undermine the trust of your workforce and thus their willingness to speak to you.  To counter this, our Investigative services fall into three main areas:

 - Outsourced Investigations

 - Augmentation

 - Training

Outsourced Investigations

Many clients without the luxury of large in-house investigations teams find outsourcing investigations when these occur to be the best solution to addressing serious allegations with the correct degree of expertise and experience. Even where in-house teams exist, the independence that a third-party investigation can bring is often valued for legal reasons and to avoid potential conflict.  Addveritas can provide you with highly trained, former law enforcement resources to meet your requirements discretely, seamlessly and expertly.


Where in-house investigation teams require bolstering with expert resource to ensure the successful investigation of whistleblowing reports, Addveritas can provide individuals to reinforce an in-house team for a specific period - whether for a short or longer term.  During their time with you they can fill a gap in your capability to deal with any whistleblowing reports you may have while you hire additional people or address the skill-gap of your current team.


Addveritas can provide a suite of training options to suit the needs of your business, from one-day workshops to more extensive and detailed packages.  We aim to ensure that your investigators understand why whistleblowing investigations are different and how to successfully undertake them without damaging trust in your company's whistleblowing procedures, compromising the confidential data of whistleblowers or the subjects of allegations.  We will discuss with your teams how to investigate subtly, safely yet successfully.