You Decide - We Provide:

Addveritas offers a number of different advisory services which can be adjusted to fit your business in size and scale.  From a basic assessment of your risk to in-depth, long-term work designed to change culture and build appropriate systems and procedures, Addveritas has the people and the expertise to protect your business and your people. 

Current State Assessment (CSA)

THE CSA is Addveritas' foundation service.  Working with the grain of your business, we will test your current capability end-to-end and provide you with a report that details what is and is not effective and what needs to be done to get you to the next level. Under terms of reference designed by you, the report we produce will take into account the specific nature of your business, its risk appetite and recommend appropriate change within your budget.

All CSAs are discreet and the reports completely confidential.

Chairman's Report


Essentially a mini version of the CSA appropriate either for smallernorganisations which still require the assurance that an assessment of their current capabilities would deliver but for whom a CSA would be inappropriate in scale and cost; or for larger organisations that want a basic understanding of their risks fast. A Chairman's Report can be ready within less than a month - often faster - and will deliver an independent, expert perspective on how effective your current system is, where your gaps lie and your options for addressing them.

Change Delivery

Once you know where you stand, you'll be able to decide what change you want to effect.  Addveritas will stand ready to assist you and can offer a flexible service ranging from delivering the change within your organisation directly, to working with your own Change team to ensure that your chosen internal whistleblowing solution is delivered quickly, sure-footedly and safely utilising our market-leading expertise.

Addveritas Supports through Augmentation


Should you lack the skill sets among your existing staff, Addveritas can assist by augmenting your organisation with properly trained individuals with the right skils and approach to ensure your internal whistleblowing solution is a success.  Whatever your gaps, Addveritas can fill them until your business is able to hire and train its own people and mentor those you hire until they are confident to fly solo.