Our Services

Market-Leading Expertise

Our founding partners designed, built and ran the system which proved so successful at Barclays and we sit on both the British Standards Institute (BSi) drawing up the UK standards on whistleblowing, and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) committee drawing up the international standards, so our clients benefit from the latest developments in regulation at home and abroad


Addveritas will Optimise (or Build from Scratch):

- Your Policies

- Your Procedures

- Your Hotlines and other Reporting Channels

- Your Communications, to ensure your messaging is effective and inspires confidence.

Addveritas will Provide:

- Reporting Channels, including;

       - Secure, Confidential Telephone Hotlines, 24/7/365

       - Secure, Confidential "e-Reporting"

       - Secure, Confidential Apps for smartphone or tablet

- Experienced, Impartial Investigators 

Addveritas will Train:

- Your Employees who deal with Whistleblowing Concerns

- Your Senior Management

- Your Wider Workforce