Our Strategic Partners

Addveritas will always ensure the solutions it proposes are the right ones for your business.  That means delivering a spectrum of capabilities and expertise across the full span of the whistleblowing cycle from Communications and Awareness, through to the handling of the initial contact, the Investigation (including specialist fraud investigations) and the production and use of the data it generates

To ensure we always have the right option to advise your business, we have forged a number of strategic partnerships with businesses whose philosophies align with our own.  We know they will deliver for you and enhance your ability to deal with whistleblowing issues - moreover, we know they will do so in a way that never endangers the trust you have painstakingly nurtured with your employees.  
We view each as best-in-breed.
To further future-proof your business from regulatory change, Addveritas' Founding Partners are sitting members of the British standards Institute Panel on Whistleblowing G/001/0-/02 and are helping to design the forthcoming British Standard.
Addveritas is also part of the UK delegation to the plenary panel of the International Standards Organisation which will formulate a subsequent new International Whistleblowing Standard.  Together we are shaping the future of Whistleblowing.