Addveritas at Parliament

On the evening of 25th April 2018, Addveritas held a reception at the House of Commons to welcome Sarah Champion MP to the Advisory Board and to discuss the advantages businesses and public bodies can obtain through listening effectively to their people.

The reception was held with kind permission of Leo Docherty MP and Leo, our Chairman Sir Gerald Howarth, Sarah Champion, Founding Partner Dino Bossi all gave short addresses. Sebastian McKenzie-Wilson, CEO Vigilance Security, a long-standing client also gave a short account of what Addveritas's system for Speaking Up had done for his business.

Left to Right: The Venue | Dino Bossi, Sarah Champion MP, Sir Gerald Howarth, Andrew Samuels | Leo Docherty MP introduces... |Seb McKenzie-Wilson of Vigilance | Sarah Champion "Listen to your Canaries..." |The Chairman sums up | Dino Bossi talks on "your People Protecting Your Business"