Addveritas Whistleblowing Package

At Addveritas we believe that all firms require the risk management assurance that a quality whistleblowing service brings, but recognise that it is not always affordable to do this in-house. We have therefore designed and built a package that can be flexed to meet the needs of your organisation, whatever its size, from global multi-nationals to those with only handfuls of employees. 

The Package is scalable to your needs and budget and consists of:


- A specimen Whistleblowing Policy that can be easily adapted to your business and conforms to sector regulations.

- A dedicated confidential "24/7/365" Whistleblowing Hotline Web-Portal and App.

- Specialist, secure and assured call-handling and data-capture.

- A bespoke software solution for report-handling.

- Specialist investigators to ensure your response is effective but proportionate should the worst happen.