Training Packages


Addveritas offers a variety of training packages that can be customised to your needs but are aimed at four broad groups:

 - Your in-house Whistleblowing Team

 - Your Investigators

 - Your Senior Managers/Executives

 - Your Workforce 

Whistleblowing Team Training

Speaking-Up is an intensely human activity.  It is about Trust and communication and those that run it are the whistleblowers' first and last port of call.  It follows that any internal whistleblowing capability is only as good as the staff that operate it.  Addveritas will conduct extensive training with your staff and will interact with any outsourced suppliers to ensure that your whistleblowing team is the strongest link in your chain.

Investigator Training

If you want your people to speak-up you must first gain and maintain their trust.  All too often the role of investigations is underplayed or ignored.  An investigation that does not acknowledge the critical role played by confidentiality in whistleblowing cases can render all the organisation's efforts null and void.  There are tactics, techniques and procedures for conducting a swift, effective investigation in a sensitive and safe way.  Addveritas will work with in-house investigation teams to ensure that your investigation is not the area where a good whistleblowing system fails.

Senior Manager Training

Senior Managers are the community most personally exposed to the harm done by wrongdoing within your company and bear much of the responsibility for cultural 'atmospherics'.  They thus have both the most to lose and the most to gain by a successful promotion of speaking-up.  Their actions and their attitudes constitute either a break or an accelerator to a successful whistleblowing programme.  They need to understand not only how your system works, but why it is important and what to say and do to assist it.  Addveritas will provide bespoke awareness training to this critical group from Board Members downwards.

Wider Workforce Training


Your Workforce needs to know about the system you are putting in place, appreciate why you are doing so and understand how to access and use it.  Their awareness needs to be heightened and their knowledge increased.  Addveritas can advise on how speaking-up can most effectively be publicised within your company and build online training packages to embed the knowledge, build trust and increase the quantity and quality of reports.